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Nutrition 2 - proteins

23. 9. 2014

Well there's the second part of the article about the nutrition here: proteins

Proteins are the building material of your muscles. Now proteins are the nutrient from which the muscles are composed and grow. It is not possible without a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and adequate amounts of fat. If building muscle mass compared to building a house, then proteins are the bricks of which the house was built, but the bricks would never come to your place if you had masons with wheels and another that gear out there who brings the bricks and put that together. And these masons with wheels are carbohydrates.

Proteins are composed of about 20 amino acids (about writing because the whole thing is very complex, it is, in principle, by 19 amino acids and four others, but with specific functions), 8 of which are essential (phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, valine), which means that it must be absolutely necessary in the diet because the body can not produce them itself and two (arginine and histidine) are essential for the growing organism. Protein quality is assessed by the ratio of essential and non-essential amino acids, the higher the ratio of the essential, the better the protein. Highest quality protein includes meat, eggs and dairy products. Problem vegetarian or vegan diet is inter alia that vegetal proteins often lack certain essential amino acids (especially cereals contain little lysine and methionine few pulses), and therefore in such a diet should be combined with various protein sources (although from the perspective of the bodybuilding even then there is not no hit parade). Who cares more in depth, so there exits Rubnerv’s law, which says that the
utilization of proteins depends on the ammount of the less contained essential amino acid, so if you have a small amount of one essential amino acid and other amino acids to use only as much as corresponds to the proportion of that little contained. A body does not store amino acids ability to supply. At the same time there is the Wolf's Law excess of essential amino acids, which says that if there is any significant excess essential amino acids, then it disrupts the synthesis of other amino acids and amino acids enhances the speeches limit.

Regarding the amount of protein in the diet, everywhere it says that if you want to build muscle, you must take in a minimum of two grams per kilo of body weight per day. I myself believed this for years, but now I do not think so. Recently I was talking about this with some people who have incredible know-how as regards nutrition and everyone agreed that. One of them over the last few years has been seeking all possible medical studies on the subject have been written and here's what these studies agree: to safeguard the health of all body functions and just 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, for man aspires to build muscle mass from 1.5 to 1.6 g max (less for women) and anything above 1.8 g only unnecessarily overloads the body and is totally counterproductive, because the body is very exhausting processing of surplus, which he did for no good and can cause various health problems (and I would also add that since proteins are the most expensive component of the diet, so you wasted it costs money).

The energy value of proteins as well as a carbohydrate 4.1 kcal per gram.

So that's all for today and next article will be about fats.

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