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Next phase of the beginner's workout

26. 7. 2014

Hi, after a short break, there's another article here, which includes an answers to your questions again.

The first question is, how long should a man practise the workout described the last time. Well, it's a strongly individual, a few weeks can be enought for someone, someone will need some months, it depends on the state of your musculoskeletal system, on the state of your disbalances and how fast you can eliminate or mitigate them. It's also related to your age, a young man should change faster then somebody who starts working out at the age of 60. So how can you recognize that you can move forward? You should gradually mention some changes on your body, especially your body posture should improve, if you had for example some back pains or your back was getting blocked easilly, it should be getting better.

It leads me to the second question, which is what to do next. If you have a feeling, that you have done a progress described above, you can move to training of your whole body. At the beginning whole body in one training twice or better three times a week, later you can split the body according to your goals. How should this workout look like? Again, go from the center of the body to the periferies, from the big body parts to the small ones, from the postural muscles (shortenning ones) to phasic muscles (flabby ones). Choose if you want to start by lower or upper part of your body. You can change it every other workout. Again, I'll write down more exercises for each body part, choose one of them (and change them) and I'll start by the lower part. If you'd like to start by the upper part, start by abs and the glutes and legs will follow after the biceps.

1. warm up: same as before

2. initial stretching: same as before

3. strengthening:

- glutes: hip abductor machine / glute machine

- quadriceps: squats (face to wall or overhead squats) / leg press / lunges

- hamstrings (rear side of thighs): lying leg curls / sitting leg curls / standing leg curls

- calves: standing calf raises / sitting calf raises


- abs: breathing into the abdomen / pushing legs up / crunches / side crunches

- back: pull downs on the cable crossover machine with the arm rotation / machine pulldowns / dumbel rows lying on the bench face down / different variants of row machines (sitting rows or other specialized machines)

- back and rear delts: lying on the chest lateral raises (it can be also done sitting in the bent over position) / delt deck

- chest: incline dumbell press / flat dumbell press / incline flyies / flat flyies / pec deck / cable crossover flyies / pullover

- delts: dumbell press / standing side lateral raises

- triceps: triceps pulley pushdowns / overhead pulley pushes / lying or sitting dumbell extensions

- biceps: sitting biceps flexions with dumbells / biceps dumbell flexions on the Stott's bench / sitting hammer curls

4. cardio: same as before, you can add more

5. final stretching: same as before, you can add calfs and biceps stretching

Weights: as before, if you are able to do some exercise precisely, you can go heavier.

And that's all for today, there will follow an article about the loads, something about nutrition and other articles for those, who have been already working out for some time...

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